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Medical Aesthetics



Aging and skin wrinkles occur because of many factors. Over time, the skin loses

its moisture and elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled.

Apart from the wrinkles that form on our face due to the effects of gravity

and advancing age, dynamic wrinkles around the eyes can occur

as a result of excessive use of facial muscles at younger ages.

Botox is used to remove wrinkles that occur with the facial expressions


Hyaluronic acid is an effective and currently the safest filler that is

increasingly popular all over the world. While this filler gives volume and fullness to the lips,

it can be very effective in reducing wrinkles around the mouth and nose.


Hyaluronic acid is injected into the wrinkle line or lips in small amounts

using a thin needle. Depending on the structure of the filling material used in the application,

the permanence period varies between 1 and 2 years.


In addition, in our clinic, deep lines on the forehead, scars and

deformities are corrected with filler. Thus, the effect and duration of Botox are increased.

Lip Filler

Lips are filled by injecting the filler containing hyaluronic acid,

specially produced for the lips. With lip filler, it is possible to have fully lips

that are thin or lose their volume by age.

Lip filling is performed under office conditions by applying creams

containing local anesthetic. We recommend applying ice to reduce swelling that may

occur after approximately 15 minutes of application.

We do not use permanent lip fillers in our clinic due to high complication rates.

We use fillers that contain hyaluronic acid and are

specially formulated for the lips. Although the effect of these applications may

vary from patient to patient, it lasts for 8-10 months.


Mesotherapy means middle skin treatment. It is a medical treatment based on

regionally injecting very small amounts of medicine into the area

by using very thin needles of 4 - 10 mm length. It is injected under the skin

approximately 5 – 10 minutes.


Mesotherapy, which is very effective and gives satisfactory results for cellulite,

hair loss, stretch marks appear during adolescence and pregnancy,

facial rejuvenation, scars and regional slimming.


The propagation of ultrasound applied

to the outer surface of the skin affects the cells in the fat tissue.
A fluid based on sudden and high pressure changes
is the method. Fights regional fat and
cellulite with the help of sound waves,
It is a non-surgical method.

Those who have heart disease, are breastfeeding or

pregnant should not use this application.
In addition, those who has kidney failure or liver disease
also can't get it done this application.


The procedure performed for cellulite treatment and regional slimming is called G5 massage.

With special rhythmic massage movements, blood flow is increased.
Circulation accelerates and the skin becomes more flexible.

The massage also reduces the signs of aging on the skin, the veins open and the

body recovers. It also provides effective results in the treatment of stretch marks.

The application has no side effects. It is a healthy and safe method.

Laser Epilation

It is the fastest and healthiest way to get rid of unwanted hair.

There are 3 types of laser epilation devices in our center:



Fraksiyonel Lazer

        Before the application, specialist doctors should decide which laser method

is suitable for the person by evaluating the skin and hair structure.

With this evaluation, the expected success rate from epilation increases and

the possibility of side effects decreases.


Important Warning: After all laser applications, protection from sunlight

and high factor sunscreen should be used.

Ozone Therapy

It is a method that strengthens the immune system and

thus gives us resistance in the fight against diseases. This therapy aims

to increase the amount of  oxygen flow and regulate and heal the blood circulation.

                                                            Benefits of ozone therapy:

                                        It strengthens the immune system.

                                        It is helpful for against the side effects of chemotherapy.

                                        It is cancer preventive and treatment supportive.

                                       It is helpful for sleep disorders, weakness and fatigue.

                                       It is effective against stress, osteoporosis, pain, non-healing wounds and burns.

                                       It is helpful against viral diseases such as Hepatitis B and C.

                                       It is helpful for migraine, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and MS diseases.

Carboxy Therapy

It is a method of injecting CO2 gas under the skin for the treatment

of cellulite and local slimming.

It is safely used for anti-aging purposes, for sagging cheeks and jowls,

and for healing stretch marks and repairing surgical scars.

                                                                     Areas where it is used:

                                                                            Cellulite Treatment

Body shaping

Weight loss

Recovery after liposuction

Facial and under-chin wrinkles

Reduce the appearance of stretches

Scar tissue treatments

Skin Care / Jetpeel

In our clinic, we apply professional skin care with a different concept that

penetrates deep into the skin with supersonic jet streams which is called Jet Peel.


It has a specially designed head. It is a needle-free mesotherapy method that

allows vitamins and supporting substances to be delivered under the skin with high pressure

and air. This non-invasive process is gradual and removes

dead skin cells and toxins from the skin.



With the dermapen, micro channels are opened vertically into the skin

with multiple needles. It is safer for you as less epidermal damage occurs

because of  90-degree needling.

The small needles in Dermapen move up and down,

opening 1000 micro holes in a 1 cm square area of ​​the skin.

While Dermapen reduces pain by its automatic and vibrating needling system,

it also provides the treatment effectiveness by increasing the absorption of the products. This application has no risk of side effects and shows its results in a very short time.

Repeated Dermapen sessions every 6 months can help us achieve

more permanent results in wrinkle treatment.


Fractional Laser

It is a method used for anti-aging, reducing acne scars, tightening soft tissue,

renewing the skin, correcting periorbital (eye corner and eyelids) wrinkles,

and removing spots which have occurred because of aging, sun,

color changes on the skin.

This application destroys old epidermal pigment cells, penetrates

deeply into our skin, intensively targets each microthermal zone and aims to heal,

without affecting the surrounding tissue. Fractional laser treatment also

uses the body's natural healing process to create new, healthier, firmer tissue

to eliminate skin imperfections.

A slight sunburn sensation is felt 1-2 hours after the procedure.

Redness and swelling vary depending on the skin type. Generally, the swelling

goes down within 2-3 days. The skin will have a pinkish tone for 5-7 days.

This is a normal sign that the skin is healing deeply.

Face Lifting

It is an aesthetic application performed without surgery

or general anesthesia to make the skin look younger and more dynamic. Since it is a seamless,

painless and short procedure, the patient can easily return to his/her daily life

after the operation. After the procedure, slight redness and bruising

may occur on the face. These heal in a short time.

Topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area. After waiting for a short time,

very small incisions are created in the skin with the help of

fine-tipped needles and the threads are placed under the skin with light movements.

Thus, sagging and signs of aging on the skin are eliminated. It renews and tightens the tissue.

It transforms the applied area into its desired new form and revitalizes the skin of the area.

The threads used are compatible with the skin. Threads, also known as PDO,

are self-dissolving, harmless threads that do not have any side effects

and are used in surgical operations. It can be used for face, cheek, eyebrow and eyelid

sagging, forehead lift, correction of distorted jaw line, wrinkles around the lower eyelid,

eyebrow lift, cases where the chin becomes prominent, and neck lift.

The effect of the procedure is 2 years. It can be repeated if desired.

This operation is not performed on people with bleeding disorders,

those who have to constantly use blood thinners,

those with active infections such as dental infection, upper respiratory tract infection,

herpes infection, those with autoimmune diseases, those with

serious diseases such as cancer, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and pregnant women. 

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