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Sexual Health Tests


You can have a full range of sexually transmitted diseases tests

individually or full package if you wish.


VDRL (Sphilis Test – Gonorrhea Test)

Anti HBs




TPHA (Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination)



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Pre-Marriage Tests


It has become legally mandatory for couples to take the following tests to show that

they do not have a disease that prevents them from getting married.


These tests:


Blood Group (AB0+Rh determination)

Whole Blood

Hemoglobin electrophoresis by HPLC


Anti HCV

Anti HIV



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Dual Test

The first trimester screening test, also known as the double screening test

or the 11-14 test, is a screening test to detect babies with Down syndrome

and a chromosomal abnormality called Trisomy 18

in the very early stages of pregnancy.


As with all screening tests, this test does not make a diagnosis.

It only indicates infants at high risk for the disease

and provides diagnostic tests that lead to a definitive

diagnosis in these infants.

To have this test, you need an ultrasound image

taken within 24 hours and measurements of your baby made by your doctor

based on this ultrasound.

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Triple Test

The triple test can be done between the 15th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy. 


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Cancer Screening Test

The tests are:


CA 19-9

CA 15-3

CA 72-4

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Kidney Function Test Package


When there is suspicion that the kidneys are not working well,

doctors may order the following tests. Since the kidneys do not work well,

a decrease in the amount of urine may occur. This may cause the urine color to change.

If you have such complaints, you may need to have this test package.







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Liver Function Test Package


In case of symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite,

nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating and/or pain, jaundice,

dark urine, light colored stools, itching (pruritus),

your doctor will request the following tests.






Total bilirubin

Direct bilirubin

Indirect bilirubin


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Cholosterol Tests

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in our country.

The higher a person's cholesterol level, the more likely they are to have heart disease.


The tests below will determine this:


Total cholesterol




Vldl cholesterol

Total lipid


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Anemia Pack

Anemia can occur at any age. The main symptoms of anemia are weakness,

fatigue, tiring easily, pale appearance and palpitations. If anemia is severe,

shortness of breath, dizziness, low blood pressure, fainting, and chest pain may occur.


If you have such symptoms and complaints,

your doctor may ask you for the tests in this package.


  • Hemogram (Whole Blood)

  • Iron

  • Iron Binding Capacity

  • Ferritin

  • Vitamin B12

  • Folate


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Diabetes Package


Diabetes is a metabolic disease. High blood sugar is called diabetes. Diabetes is diagnosed when fasting blood sugar rises above 126 mg/dl or when fasting blood sugar rises above 200 mg/dl. If timely measures are not taken and blood sugar is not controlled, diabetes can cause permanent damage to many organs and tissues such as eyes, kidneys, nerve endings, heart and brain veins and leg veins, with the negative effects of the toxic effects of sugar, especially on the veins.

When hyperglycemia rises above 180 mg/dl, the kidney begins to leak sugar into the urine. Sugar in the urine brings with it salt and water loss. For this reason, the person loses water, becomes very thirsty and feels the desire to drink a lot of water. If this cycle continues over time and continues for a long time, symptoms such as water and weight loss, weakness and fatigue can be seen. However, if hyperglycemia occurs gradually over many years, it may not show any symptoms.

Hypoglycemia, sugar below 50 mg/dl is called hypoglycemia. In mild hypoglycemia, complaints such as hunger, shivering, sweating and palpitations occur, while in severe hypoglycemia, the sugar level drops much below 50 mg/dl, and because the brain cannot find the sugar it needs in the blood, loss of consciousness up to coma may occur due to the lack of sugar in the brain.

In this case, you can have the following tests under the supervision of a doctor.

Glucose (Hunger)





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Thyroid Package

The thyroid gland is a hormone-secreting gland located in the neck region.

The thyroid gland makes 2 hormones and secretes them into the bloodstream.

These hormones were named thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

T4 and T3 hormones are involved in regulating the body’s metabolism rate.


In case of hyperthyroidism (high fT3, fT4), metabolism accelerates,

heart rate increases and palpitations occur. In addition, bowel movements increase

and diarrhea may develop. In case of hypothyroidism (low fT3, fT4) metabolism slows down,

heart rate decreases and bradycardia develops. Concomitantly, bowel movements decrease and constipation occurs.


Tests to be checked in this package:


Free T3

Free T4


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Prostate Package


It is recommended that every man over the age of 40 should be screened

for early detection of prostate cancer. The reason is that the incidence of

prostate cancer increases with age.

It usually does not give any symptoms in the early stages.

In some patients; symptoms such as difficulty urinating,

getting up to urinate two or more times a night, obstruction-related symptoms

such as intermittent urination, blood in the urine or semen,

and a burning sensation during urination can be seen.

Tests to be checked at in this package:


Free PSA

Total PSA


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Electrolyte Package


Electrolytes are frequently used in the treatment

and monitoring of some problems including diseases

such as hypertension, heart failure, and liver and kidney disease.


Tests to be checked in this package:








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Hepatitis Package

Hepatitis is a viral disease that causes inflammation in the liver. 


Tests to be checked at in this package:

Anti HCV


Anti HBs

Anti HAV IgG



Total billurubin

Direct billurubin

Indirect billurubin    

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The quality of laboratory results are very important for successful and good health care.

Patient safety, which is considered an indispensable condition in

today's medical practices, is closely related to the accuracy

and reliability of laboratory results.


In order to provide high quality service, we aim to provide accurate

and reliable results by using methods in accordance with accepted scientific criteria,

national and international standards.


Many of the tests related to hematology, hormone, clinical biochemistry,

microbiology, molecular biology and serology units are performed.

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